Vintage Cottage Weekend Finds: European Style Wrought Iron Hanging Basket Planters

Happy Vintage Cottage Weekend! Yesterday I spent all day cleaning house and trying to get things back in order after two weeks of non-stop choir concerts! I took a break mid-day to hit my favorite consignment shop and scored two black European style wrought iron hanging basket planters!


I bought two matching beautiful elongated wrought iron hanging basket planters for only $7.00 each! I absolutely love them…the problem is figuring out how to plant them up! 



Swiss Balcony Geranium in Hanging Basket

I figured Pinterest would be full of ideas, but unfortunately it seems useless to try to find anything on Pinterest lately! I tried to search “deep hanging basket,”  “cone shaped hanging basket,” “cage-style hanging basket” and French wrought iron hanging basket,” but I couldn’t find very many pictures of this style of hanging basket planter.



Spanish Style Hanging Basket

The closest description I could find is “Spanish Style Hanging Basket” so that’s what I will call mine for now. Do you know exactly what this style is called? I just think this style has a Victorian or vintage European look for sure.





Hanging-basket-hacks-downtown-baskets-Stephen-Black-VA: Want lush hanging baskets like the ones above? Plant large baskets — at least 18 in. diameter — on the top and side.

Garden Gate Magazine (Photo Stephen J. Black)

I believe this is the style of hanging planter, but the flowers are so full and lush, the actual planter is hard to see.


                                                                                               Southern Living



I went to Lowes yesterday looking for coconut liners that would fit but all they had was 4 inch round. I bought a couple of them to experiment with but no luck getting them to fit. I am going to hit a few more garden centers this week.


This conical shaped coir liner on Amazon  might work.



Right now I will be hanging the baskets from shepherd’s hooks in my flower bed. If we get our privacy fence built this year, I might use brackets and hang them 0n the privacy fence in the back yard.


I wanted to experiement with planting “Cat’s Meow” Nepata in the planter, but when I placed it down inside it didn’t really sit right. I need something to spill out the sides of the planter through the openings. I decided to plant it in this pretty pot on a plant stand instead.


I am not sure how the nepata will grow in a pot, but it is drought tolerant. I would love to plant it in the ground, but I how the neighborhood cats love to wallow in my neighbor’s and smash it all up so I am not going to waste my time trying it in the garden. I will let you know how my potted Nepeta experience goes, and I will share an new post all about what I come up with for my pretty new hanging baskets.


For more Vintage Cottage (Garden) Style inspo, head over to Debra’s home to check out her Spring to Summer Birds in the Garden Room.



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