Vintage Concrete Garden Statues

Happy Sunday, and welcome to another Vintage Cottage Weekend full of vintage cottage garden vibes! 



Yesterday my husband cleaned out the garage and I rediscovered this 1940’s concrete buck statute that I purchased from a junk-loving friend for only $5.00 last summer. He is going to get a makeover and find pride of place somewhere among  my flowers (Mr. Buck that is, not my husband!)


This is my vintage “Doe” (a deer, a female deer,) that I keep as an indoor “pet” year  year round.


When I go to flea markets or antique stores, I head straight to the vintage garden section. Often times it’s not my wallet that keeps me from purchasing vintage concrete garden junk; instead I just can’t lift any kind of concrete, and my husband despises moving urns and concrete pieces in and out of our garden because it’s a pain in the back!!!



Just outside our mini-mudroom entry in the cottage garden is an old-world concrete garden lady placed in front of a found  antique chippy bird bath. She is actually the top of an vintage fountain with non-working base. 



I think she looks so pretty nestled in my little cottage garden. 



I often gather bouquets when I am pruning in the garden and place them near her to enjoy throughout the day. This purple herbs mini-bouquet I put together from “scraps” was one of my favorites.


This little cherub had a rotting base but I was able to keep him for many years by tucking him down in planteres. Here he looked so cute inside a chippy old birdcage.


Free Vintage Fountain Rescue and Refresh

This sweet non-working vintage concrete fountain was rescued for free before my neighbor loaded it up for the landfil. I gave it a makeover and now it looks just right at home in my herbaceous border. 


Just a few favorite more vintage concrete garden statues from Pinterest…

                                                                                       Jan Carlisle Landscape


I love this mossy little lady nestled among the yellow flowers.


The Hoard

I would love to find a larger statue to put in the center of my herbaceous island bed in the middle of the backyard.


Searching for vintage concrete garden statues brings up so many beautiful images of chippy shabby garden treasures used indoors and out. Today’s post is certainly just an “appetizer” of  a future post full of vintage and antique garden statues. I can never get enough of seeing them in gardens or among shabby vintage vignettes!



Debra has shared several of her French vintage concrete garden treasures over the years. This amazing statue was part of her Vintage Botanical Valentine Entry. Swoon!



Patriotic Porch

Head over to Debra’s porch to see her vintage concrete garden bunny displayed with patriotic pride on her Patriotic Back Porch!

I could probably dedicate a whole blog to the beauty of vintage gardens, with post upon post full of beautiful vintage concrete garden statues to swoon over. I am getting ready to resume my Pin Away Wednesday series for summer, so I will share more of these beauties when I do a round up of favorite images from  my ” Garden Thyme and Fleurs” or “Glorious Urns” Pinterest boards.


Do you love vintage concrete garden statues, urns and birdbaths too? I love hearing from you! 

Thanks for visiting!



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