The woman who arrived at the emergency room with a terrible stomach ache

An Indian physician thinks he was in the prime of his career when he had to remove a patient’s whopping 11,950 gallstones. Right, it might set a world record.

After experiencing excruciating stomach problems, a woman went to the hospital. The doctor began carefully examining her to determine the problem, but he was genuinely shocked.

In a historic procedure, gastrointestinal endosurgeon Dr. Makhan Lala Saha had to remove the gall bladder stones from Minati Mondal, 51.

Mondal has experienced persistent stomach ache for more than two months. Doctors discovered she had significant gallstone problems after having been brought to the hospital.

The woman’s surgery was performed by Dr. Saha, who claimed that although he anticipated finding many stones, he was surprised to see that there were actually more than 5,000 of them. The procedure took roughly an hour, and the nurses then spent more than four hours counting the removed stones, which ranged in size from 2mm to 5mm.

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