The shocking truth behind this abandoned Romanian village.

omania is the home to many abandoned historic buildings, some of which we’ve already reviewed. However, it is also home to a completely abandoned village. Yes, you heard it right. A whole village sits abandoned in a picturesque Romanian valley. Or is it better to say ‘floats abandoned’? If you have ever been to Romania in search of abandoned places, you’ve probably encountered the abandoned village of Geamana

Let’s start off with a short introduction. Geamana is a beautiful village located approximately 279 miles north-east of the capital of Bucharest, Romania. Up until 1978, the village was thriving, with the beautiful nature intertwining the happy life of the villagers. Then the year 1978 came. The then-dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu was informed about a rich-in-copper reserve in the nearby area of the village. But, mining all the copper would not be easy, as they also needed a place to dump the toxic waste produced by the mining. What place would be better to dump the toxic waste than the village itself? Shocking, right?

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