The Castle Of Rocca Calascio, Italy’s Loftiest Fortification

Perched at an elevation exceeding 1400 meters on the crest of a ridge, the Castle of Rocca Calascio stands as one of Italy’s loftiest fortifications. The allure of this fortress is not only in its historical significance but also in its remarkable architectural design, seamlessly blending with the natural landscape that envelops it.

The castle, solely designed for military purposes, boasts ancient origins dating back to the year 1000. It is credited to Ruggero II d’Altavilla, who commissioned its construction following the Norman conquest. Over the ensuing centuries, the fortress witnessed the succession of various ruling families until it was mysteriously abandoned. At the castle’s base lie the remnants of an ancient village. In 1703, an earthquake struck, causing significant damage to both the small village and the fortification.

In 1989, efforts were undertaken to restore the castle through architectural renovations. Presently, the castle is open for visitors, serving as a gateway for trekking and mountain excursions in the Gran Sasso National Park. Beyond its historical significance, the castle stands as a focal point for exploration and outdoor activities.

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