She immediately realized there was life inside a moving trash bag when she spotted one!

Melissa Sergeant Lewis experienced a remarkably strange day that profoundly changed her life. One day, when she drove to work, she was rushing because she was already behind schedule. While driving, he observed a black trash bag in the middle of the street.

As she attempted to drive by it, he noticed that the bag was moving. The woman was amazed

Melissa immediately recognized that there was something alive within the bag, so she pulled over and proceeded to have a closer look at what was inside.

Without hesitation or concern for her safety, she unzipped the bag, and to her shock, there was a puppy inside.

How could a person be so callous as to leave a puppy in a knotted rubbish bag? In addition to being abandoned, you also completely ruled out any chance of life by tying the garbage bag

The puppy eagerly ran into Melissa’s arms as she arrived. Instead of heading to work, the woman took the puppy to the doctor. He consulted a vet and came to the conclusion that the puppy is in great health

Melissa adopted the dog right away and gave it the name Hefty. The dog is overjoyed and appreciative that his life was saved

Melissa is deserving of our utmost respect and gratitude for her action

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