Ross Castle – Ireland’s Tall Maiden

Ross Castle is a magnificent structure that was raised in the fifteenth century and still stands tall on the beautiful shore of Lough Leane. This site is an antique wonder with a rich history and welcomes quite a crowd each day. If you are passing through the southwest of Ireland, it is highly recommended that you drop by this wondrous symbol of medieval Irish architecture. Besides the castle, the view around it is also a sight to behold. Let’s take a look at its history and current condition:

The Origin Story (15th-16th Centuries)
The castle was constructed by an Irish clan known as O’Donoghue Mór in the 15th century. In the Second Desmond Rebellion in the early 1580s, the McCarthy Mor clan took ownership of the fortress. It was then leased, along with its surrounding land, to Sir Valentine Browne, who was a forefather to the Earls of Kenmare.

17th Century
During the eleven-year-long Irish Confederate Wars, the castle was lost to the English General Oliver Cromwell’s army. It was the last territory to be surrendered, captured after the English artillery was brought down the River Laune by boat.

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