Predjama Castle: The Castle in a Cave that Housed a Slovenian Robin Hood

Once home to the Slovenian Robin Hood, Predjama Castle is a site rich in history. It is built into the mouth of a cave high up on a cliff and has a commanding view over the landscape. That position would have certainly helped a famed Slovenian knight when the army of the Holy Roman Emperor came knocking.

Predjama Castle is a castle situated to the northwest of the town of Postojna, in the traditional Slovenian region of Inner Carniola. This castle, which is located in the southwestern part of the country, is notable, amongst other things, for its position at the mouth of a cave halfway up a 123 meter (403 ft.) high cliff. Predjama Castle’s best-known resident was Erazem Lueger, a knight and well-known robber baron who is sometimes compared to Robin Hood.

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