Noisy Castle – It is built in a neo-Gothic style

The castle of Noisy or Château Noisy is a castle in the Ardennes that was built in 1866 and designed by the English architect Milner. It is built in a neo-Gothic style. The castle has had various tasks and is also known as Château Miranda or Home de Noisy, which was the name when it still served as an orphanage. The architect Milner died before the castle was completed. It is one of the most famous urbex locations. The castle is also called Château Miranda or Miranda Castle.

The history of the castle
During the French Revolution, the Liedekerke-Beaufort family left Vêves Castle to live in a nearby farm. After the revolution, the family commissioned the English architect Milner in 1886 to design a castle as a summer residence right next to this farm. The castle remained inhabited by the family until the Second World War. The Germans took the castle into use during the Second World War. The castle was then used by the NMBS as a children’s home and from about 1980 it was used for outdoor sports activities for children of the NMBS (Belgian Railways) staff.

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