Mystery Of Buffa di Perrero, The ‘World’s Loneliest House

We have all thought about living in the middle of nowhere – away from all the noise and annoying neighbours. And there are various isolated houses across the world that are a perfect definition of living secluded. None more so than Buffa di Perrero.

Dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest house’, Buffa di Perrero is located high up in the Italian mountains and has baffled onlookers for decades.

Located on Monte Cristallo in the Dolomite Mountains, this remarkable home is embedded in the side of the rockface, and overlooks a sharp and deadly drop, The Sun reported.

It has brick walls, a slanted roof, four framed windows, and a set of camping chairs — leading many people perplexed as to how building materials and objects were taken up to the hard-to-reach structure in the first place.

What is astonishing is the fact that the impressive property is believed to have been constructed over 100 years ago during World War I.

Savvy Italian soldiers are said to have built the shelter as a place to rest while battling the Austro-Hungarians across the rugged terrain, as per The Sun.

Logically, they created the spot to rest, store items, and gain a strategic advantage over the enemy.

The only way to access the unique structure would have been by rope ladders and makeshift cable carts — or the treacherous mountain trail that only those brave enough would have dared to tread

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