Monica Bousquet, 61, Reveals Body Transformation in 7 Years

Monica Bousquet, at 61, inspires many with her incredible muscle and body transformation. Starting her journey just seven years ago, stepping into the gym marked the beginning of a remarkable commitment that completely transformed her physique. Sharing workout videos generously, Bousquet aims to motivate fellow seniors to pursue improved fitness and well-being on a similar path.

Monica Bousquet commits six days each week to sculpting her impressive physique. In a recent video, she effortlessly lifted a significant weight with her feet while suspended from a pull-up bar, radiating confidence in a coordinated pink crop top and skirt

In the comments, admirers quickly praised the Portuguese fitness enthusiast. One remarked, “Grandma is stronger than me!” Another echoed, “That’s the real definition of ’age is just a number.’”

Another person exclaimed, “Wow!! Great workout, keep going, you motivate more people!!!”

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