Leg Care: 10 Rules to Follow

Leg care becomes crucial as an individual with an active lifestyle takes around 7.5 thousand steps daily, equivalent to circling the Earth five times in a lifetime. Prioritizing leg health is essential for embarking on such an extraordinary journey.Follow these 10 rules in our leg care routine for healthier legs.

1. Softening Calluses: Pumice Technique for Dry Feet
2. Preventing Skin Irritation: Proper Leg Shaving Practices
3. Shaving Technique: Three Essential Stages
4. Footwear Comfort: Choosing and Enhancing Shoe Fit
5. Bunions Care: Using Toe Spreaders
6. Knee Skin Care: Combatting Hyperpigmentation
7. Proper Epilator Usage: Hair Removal Technique
8. Post-Waxing Attire: Choosing the Right Fabrics
9. Professional Callus Removal: Consulting a Doctor
10. Moisture Management: Choosing Sock Fabrics Wisely

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