Kayla, Missing Girl for Six Years, Finally Found

Kayla, at the tender age of 9, suddenly disappeared, breaking her dad’s heart and turning his life upside down. Against all odds, today at 15, the once-missing girl has been found, and her story sends shivers down our spines.

In 2017, her noncustodial mother, Heather Unbehaun, took Kayla away. Two years later, in an interview, Kayla’s devastated father, Ryan, mentioned that the mom was supposed to have every other weekend with his daughter.

Ryan remembered that Heather had custody of Kayla for the weekend before the Fourth of July, and as the holiday fell on a Tuesday, it was also Heather’s holiday. Ryan proposed extending Kayla’s stay with her mother until Tuesday, with plans to pick her up on Wednesday.

Upon arriving on Wednesday to retrieve his daughter, Ryan was informed by the Unbehaun family that both the mother and daughter had not returned from their camping trip.

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