Day 30 – An After Word From Mr. OTN

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Day 30

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Patti has asked me to say a word or two as Mr. OTN. Actually, my name is Kelly, and during this past month Patti has shared with you some of the worst choices I’ve ever made and the resulting painful consequences.  I’m not proud of these choices but, surprisingly, I’m ultimately grateful for all that’s happened in our lives.

I know that may seem a little strange but it’s true because I’ve come to believe that God let’s no hurt go to waste as long as we are willing to submit to Him and allow Him to restore us. What I’m most grateful for is the fact that my marriage to the most wonderful woman I know has been made stronger through the healing of each of us individually and as a couple. That gift from God comes with the obligation to give back.

The restoration in our lives has resulted in opportunities to share our hope with those who’ve suffered similar pain and we are blessed by every opportunity to do that. Through this we’ve also learned how common secret brokenness is within the body of Christ.

Patti has shared with you how the application of spiritual principles and the power of the Holy Spirit can bring about restoration and lead people into freedom. It is an ongoing process that will only be completed when the Lord returns but I’m very grateful for the healing that we have received so far.

I won’t add any more here as this is really Patti’s story. Suffice it to say I am grateful for God’s mercy and I strongly believe that restoration is available to anyone who is willing to turn back to God and allow His healing to take place.

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Patti here, weighing in because I can 😉 and because I wanted to tell you that Kelly alone and Patti alone are not nearly as good as Kelly and Patti together. Kelly and Patti together are a team. A perfectly imperfect team, who’ve been made stronger because of battles fought together.

Throughout this story I’ve repeated the phrase “Wait for the miracle” several times. Was the miracle all about my husband becoming all I needed him to be? Haha! Well maybe that was part of it but mostly it was about my own transformation and becoming the Patti God created me to be.  The real miracle was me!

Pain. There was a lot of it shared throughout this story but I don’t believe I would be able to experience the depth of happiness I have today without having experienced deep pain. I’m even a little sad for those who’ve lived relatively pain free lives because, well, the JOY that comes in the morning y’all!

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Tomorrow we will come to the end of this Write 31 Days Challenge and you will come to the end of those daily emails. I won’t tell you what I have for the final day but I think you are going to like it! Link to Day 31 HERE.

Day 1, in case you missed this story from the beginning is right HERE.

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