Day 26 – When the Enemy Comes to Steal our Freedom

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Day 26

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How free are you?

From our experience leading Freedom Session we’ve come to realize that a great number of people sitting in church are living under bondage of some sort and not free in the way Christ meant for us to be (Gal. 5:1).  

Our friend Ken Dyck, the writer and founder of Freedom Session International says, The harvest is plentiful but the harvest is broken. Click To Tweet

I know from my personal experience that believers can be under spiritual oppression and not even know it.  Many of us are living in fear, loneliness, depression, addiction, and whatever else keeps us from living life to the fullest in Him. That often leads to shame and pretense in our Christian lives.

New life in Christ is exciting and in the beginning we often fly high on a personal pink cloud where everything about life is good and amazing, but over time the reality of living life in this imperfect world sets in. The battle is real my friends, and it is a spiritual one.

I would venture to say that, Most churches don’t spend much time helping their people to understand the supernatural and how to combat the attacks of the enemy. Click To Tweet

In fact, I’ve often heard it said that we shouldn’t give so much credit to the enemy as to talk about spiritual warfare. Let’s keep it positive people!

I’ve known a few people, only a few, who came to faith in Jesus and were immediately set free from every bit of brokenness from their past. Immediate freedom isn’t the norm for most of us average people!

God calls each of us as Christ followers to be powerfully effective and fruit bearing for Him. He has a good plan and a purpose for every one of us. Spiritual attacks come from the realm of Hell with the purpose of shipwrecking our faith and stalling out our destiny in Him.

I talked previously in this series about forgiveness being the key to freedom, and I’ll say it again because I really believe that. Yet teachings on forgiveness aren’t a common Sunday morning messages in a lot of churches. Oh maybe once in awhile we’ll hear a good forgiveness message but how many Christ followers even know that the Bible says that God won’t forgive us if we don’t forgive others? (Matt. 6:15)

Unforgiveness keeps us in bondage and allows the enemy to get a foothold in our lives. Click To TweetWhen we are being held onto by the foot we are stuck. We cannot move forward, we cannot make spiritual progress, and we cannot walk fully into our calling or destiny! Click To Tweet

We are created by God to be influencers for His Kingdom but a foothold of Satan will hold us back and, Enemy attacks can separate you from your identity, the person God made you to be. Click To Tweet

The enemy has only one way to shipwreck our faith and that is through deception. That deception may cause us to believe that we are okay in our brokenness and it’s better not to go back and stir up a bunch of “stuff.” It may tell us that we are what we are and that’s the way it will always be. It may keep us in denial that there is anything unholy in our lives that is keeping us from full fellowship with God, or we may justify our unforgiveness toward others because, “You wouldn’t believe the horrible way they treated me!”

In choosing to believe these deceptions we give up our authority to the enemy of our souls Click To Tweet

He has been defeated and God HAS given us all power and authority over him but through deception he makes us believe that we have to stay stuck. Sometimes we  become so buried under supernatural attack that we can’t move forward on our own. We need the help of someone else’s faith to receive breakthrough and freedom.

I believe that everyone would benefit from going through an intense discipleship program like Freedom Session, but having someone who will walk beside you in prayer ministry, counseling, prophetic encouragement to call you forward in your faith, and personal revelations from God in Scripture, are all powerful in exposing the deception of the enemy and helping us move forward into the destiny we’re called to.

Ask God to search you.  Is there something you need to lay down or something you need to let go of? Resentment, unforgiveness? Is there something you’re clinging to that you need to let go of? Is there something you need to confess to walk in freedom?

Please don’t try to do this Christian walk alone like I did for so many years. As you know I wasn’t very successful at it! We need other Christ followers who will pray for us when we’re weak and lift us up when we’re are down. We need those who are more mature in their faith and who’ve walked an authentic freedom journey of their own to show us the way to living victorious.

Believe me when I say, filled with the joy of the Lord even as I say this, there is nothing like walking in the light of freedom when you’ve experienced what it is to walk in darkness.


Blessings friends,

Is tomorrow really Day 27? It IS, and I’ll be back to tell you all about Maintaining Our Freedom.

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