Day 25 – Look God, I’m the Patti You Created me to be!

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Day 25

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In this 31 day series I’ve shared how God entered into my story of brokenness and walked along with me on a custom designed healing journey. Even after we began directing Freedom Session the healing continued as we learned and grew from the very words we were allowed to teach each week. Isn’t that just like God? My husband said this last night in our life group: The more we pour ourselves into the lives of others the more He fills us up again. Click To Tweet

So one random day, after we’d been directing Freedom Session for a good while, I was at home and intent on mopping my floors when I had a sudden epiphany.

Stunned and overwhelmed at my discovery I declared out loud, Look God, I'm the Patti You created me to be! Click To Tweet The little girl Patti who’d once looked wide-eyed at the world before her had, over time, become withdrawn, fearful and filled with shame, but in that moment I came to realize that He’d restored me to my true self.

JOY overwhelmed me and I wanted to shout it out to everyone so that they too, could become who God created them to be.  Honestly y’all, I’m getting excited right here in my chair as I think about it!

I’m not the person I once was because I’ve become the person God created me to be! Click To Tweet

The change God made on my inside made all the difference in how I am on the outside and in my interactions with others.

Way back when, people might’ve been surprised to know how much self-hatred I carried. They might’ve been surprised to know that I often felt like slumping down in my chair when I sat in church, because I felt like all eyes were on me in judgement. They probably didn’t notice that I didn’t speak up much in ladies Bible studies and I’m sure they never guessed that I kept silent so no one would find out that I had nothing of value to say or that I was stupid. 

Lies, all lies from the enemy.  Satan doesn't play fair and he uses trauma to try to rob us of the life and the plan God has for us. Click To Tweet

So that day in my kitchen, when I saw the full “before” and “after” picture of my life open up before me it was, well, amazing! Have I used that word too much?

Those who know me now laugh when I try to tell them that I’m an introvert, and they tell me I’m anything but! On current personality tests I’ve taken I fall right in the middle of the two ranges between introvert and extrovert so it just may be that I’ll have to stop using the shy label. As I said on Day 1 though, I still love my alone time.

My point in telling you all this is that God doesn’t want us living broken. When we’re broken we’re scared and fear is not from God. God's desire is to set us free to become all He created us to be, and when you become that you'll likely find that you're in for an awesome surprise! Click To Tweet

God desires your freedom so that you can live a full and abundant life. He wants to strip off the old labels, whatever they might be, and tell who you are in Him. He desires to remove those dirty old robes of shame and replace them with a robe of righteousness (Isa. 61:10) and crown you with His unfailing love (Ps. 103:4). Did you see that? Both robed AND crowned. GLORY! He longs to replace your fear with a confidence that He is able to accomplish that which concerns you (Ps. 138:8) and He  can hardly wait to show you the good and perfect plan He has for your life (Jer. 29:11).

Maybe you too tend to be on the introverted side but I wholeheartedly believe that once Christ sets you free, no matter your personality bent, you’ll find yourself a complete extrovert when it comes to sharing your God story. Y’all it’s hard to keep something inside that we’re passionate about.

This series that I’ve been writing over these past few weeks isn’t meant to give you all the answers but it is meant to offer you hope in knowing that with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). If you aren’t walking in the fullness of all He has for you I hope you’ll take the steps to find a good group of people to walk beside you on your own healing journey. We really aren’t meant to go it alone.

Please come back and join me tomorrow for Day 26:  When the Enemy Comes to Steal our Freedom

If you’re just joining in on this 31 day series you can go back to the beginning to start at Day 1.

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