Callus Removal: 10 Fast Methods for Baby-Soft Feet

Callus Removal Using Aspirin:
Crush aspirin tablets and mix them with lemon juice and water. Apply as a paste, wrap, and wait 10 mins. Scrape with a pumice stone. Avoid if allergic to aspirin.

Baking Soda Paste:
Mix baking soda with water, and apply regularly to calluses for healing.

Cornstarch Prevention:
Rub feet with cornstarch to keep them dry, and prevent and soothe calluses.

Vinegar Wrap:
Soak a cotton ball in vinegar, tape it to the callus overnight, and rub it with a pumice stone.

Pineapple Enzyme Treatment:
Place pineapple peel over callus, wrap, and repeat nightly. Pineapple juice can help too.

Stale Bread Method:
Soak stale bread in apple cider vinegar, tape to callus overnight, and wrap with plastic wrap and sock.

Aloe Overnight Softening:
Apply aloe leaf or gel, cover with bandage, and soften callus for filing.

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