An Old Woodcutter, 90, Builds His Own Hobbit House, in Which He Lives in Lovely Comfort

One man decided to make his lifelong love of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” books a reality.

After retiring, he set out to build a burrow house on his land that was akin to the hobbits’ homes from the well-known tale. He consisted of a cellar with a basement.
A word of caution, though: if you’re taller than 160 cm, you might want to search for lodging somewhere else.

Being short himself, the proprietor of the hobbit house saw that a dwelling would be far more practical than a cellar.

Now, visitors from all around the world stop by his happy home, which was inspired by a hobbit

The interior of the home is constructed of natural elements like stone and wood. It has an intriguing door that was intended to be as similar to the one in the movie as possible.

Even the toilet is in the same design as the rest of the house, which is comfortably furnished and heated by an open fireplace

The house is lovely and pleasant inside, and it also has an interesting and lovely exterior.

The home’s owner acknowledges that he feels terrific and is liberated and content there

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