A flight attendant saved a girl on the plane

At first, I thought something wasn’t right. He was considerably more responsible than the young woman seated next to him, and he violently responded to any movement. I’m grateful that I acted promptly to save a life. Here’s what actually transpired:

As a flight attendant, you “end up spending a lot of time with people.”

This is how you can instantly tell a man’s character and intentions. From the situation where you know you’ll have problems with a certain person during the trip to the one where you’ll need to look after another because he’s scared and could get wounded at any moment.

Alaska Airlines has employed Sheila Frederick, 49, as a flight attendant for more than 15 years.

She spotted a young woman traveling from Seattle to San Francisco with an older, somewhat threatening man. The girl, who appeared to be between the ages of 14 and 15, was visibly terrified.

On the plane that would permanently alter her life, the young girl brought her dependable Sheila along. The good you need in a bad situation could come from any place

Backing off, Sheila considered a fresh strategy for checking in with the girl and making sure everything was well.

When the girl had finished using the restroom, she proceeded to verify the note she had left in the airplane’s bathroom. I need assistance,” she wrote.

The woman snatched up the phone and dialed 9-1-1 as soon as she saw the ticket. When the guy was looked into after landing, it was found that he appeared to be involved in prostitution, which led to his detention.

And having Sheila as her guardian was a great blessing for the young girl.

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