9 Health Side Effects Of Overconsuming Sugar

If you are a sweets lover, this is for you! I might be one myself, though… Let’s get through this together.

Do you know that feeling when you give the first bite to a yummy donut? Or that chocolate layered cake? Or pistachio-dipped churros? Oh, God!
I mean… Everything about sweets and desserts is so tasty! However, I had bad news about us, guys… All that amount of sugar we consume might present us with many health issues.

Now… Let’s talk numbers. How much is TOO much sugar?
According to the WHO, the daily intake of sugar should be less than 10% aka 6 tsp for women, and 9 tsp for men.

1. Muscle pain
2. Craving sweets
3. Energy highs and lows
4. Skin breakouts
5. Weight gain
6. Tooth decay
7. A high sugar tolerance
8. Frequent colds and flu
9. Feeling bloated

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