28-year-old builds home inside dumpster for $5,000 – wait until you take a tour inside

With rising costs and a troubled global economy, it’s hardly a wonder that many people are turning to more… shall we say unconventional ways of living.

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly impressive efforts from people who are ditching traditional housing in favor of more affordable, if a little quirky alternatives.

And yet we’ve never seen anything quite like Harrison Marshall’s situation. The man, who lives in London, UK, returned from working in Central America and Asia hoping to settle down. Only, he quickly realized that virtually all properties in London were well beyond his financial reach

Undeterred, Harrison found a solution that allowed him to live in the British capital without paying an arm and a leg for the pleasure to do so. We have to admit, his outside-the-box thinking is nothing if not admirable…

As per reports, Harrison is the head of a small architecture company called CAUKIN Studio. With an aim of reducing the environmental impact construction has on the planet, the company have plenty of experience in building structures that veer from the norm.

As a result, Harrison was able to find a $62-a-month dumpster in Southwark, London and turn it into… wait for it… a livable home!

The dumpster home boasts a portable mini fridge, a small sink and a cooktop, as well as a mezzanine-style bed above built-in storage space for clothes.

Harrison reportedly uses his local gym to take showers, while he cleans his clothes at a laundromat and uses an on-site portaloo for his business

Now, if the idea of living inside a dumpster-turned-home sounds cramped to you, that’s because it is. Via his Instagram page, @theskiphouse, Harrison gives people an insight into what his atypical living situation is really like.

According to reports, Harrison paid around $5,000 for his tiny abode – not a bad deal when it’s considered that a one-bed flat on the same road costs $2,100-per-month.

Building supplies including timber, insulation and fixings [cost] $4,620 (£3,660) [and] interior furnishing, including storage and foam mattress [cost] $380 (£300),” the architect told CNBC.

He continued: “With its ups and downs, I’ve turned my living situation into an art piece.

“It shines light on the absurdity of London’s housing crisis in a way that makes people smile and think.

“[…] I don’t recommend replicating it. I hope that I can move out soon, but I certainly won’t be swapping it for no savings and a small, damp room.”

Take a tour in the video below:

Well, it might not be for everyone, but I think Harrison’s certainly onto something with his unique approach to living.

What do you think to the dumpster home? Could you live in something like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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